@ Curator, Museum Director

Gábor received an MA of Philosophy and an MA of Literature at the University of Debrecen, Hungary. He has released more than 50 philosophical publications in various journals and books. Gábor was Editor-in-Chief of the philosophical and aesthetic journal titled Határ, and then director of Latin Betűk Publishing. He worked as a professor, teaching Art History, at the Art Faculty of Partian Christian University in Oradea (Romania) and also at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design and King Sigismund University in Budapest, teaching Art Management. Gábor was the first director of one of the largest Hungarian art centres, MODEM in Debrecen (2006-2011). He was also the director of Műcsarnok (2011-2013), then worked as the Hungarian National Commissioner for the Venice Biennale (2011-2014) and was head of the Hungarian edition of Flash Art (2012-2014). Over the past ten years, Gábor has curated more than fifty art exhibitions in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Belgium and Russia, for which he has also written 18 independent catalogues. The most recent collection of his art publications is titled “What is art for?” and was published in Hungarian (Ráció, Budapest, 2017.). Currently, Gábor is the director of Ferenczy Museum Centre in Szentendre.