@ Gallery Director and Founder Yours Mine & Ours

RJ Supa is a gallerist, curator, and artist in his own right as well as a founding director of the Lower East Side gallery Louis B. James. Supa, along with his creative and business partners, represent many of New York’s emerging and soon-to-be stars in their new gallery, Yours Mine & Ours in downtown New York City. Their young gallery, which opened last year, is already considered one of the hippest galleries in New York City’s trendy Lower East Eide. The gallery is co-directed by three gallerists with an unmatched pulse on the neighborhood: Patton Hindle, currently a director of gallery partnerships at Artspace, and was the director of Dodge Gallery; Courtney Childress, most recently the director of Bushwick’s Life on Mars, and before that the director of the Bowery’s On Stellar Rays; and RJ Supa.